Intelligent Traffic

Intelligent Traffic

ITS (Intelligent Traffic System) has become to be the necessary means to manage city traffic. The system takes use of advanced information technology, data communication technology, electronic sensor technology, image recognition analysis, and big data processing technology, etc. to structure the real-time, accuracy, and efficient comprehensive traffic management system.

Vehicle License
Plate Recognition
Traffic Management
and Control
Emergency Disposal

◆  Relieve traffic pressures, improve transport capacity

◆  Capture traffic illegal acts, reduce traffic accidents incidence.

◆  Intelligent optimize command and dispatch scheme, save the police force

◆  Tracking suspicious vehicles, deploy and control effectively


Visual Management --- Systematic management platform, which provide intuitive interface, and users can inquire about rich visual information.

Intelligent Traffic Signal Control --- Make use of big data analysis and processing capability, well manage the traffic signal and relieve the traffic pressure.

Target Vehicle Trajectory tracking --- Aim to the illegal vehicle, this system can according to cloud calculation capability to realize tracking function.

24 Hours monitoring

99% image capture rate

More than 98% of recognition rate, can recognize license plate, vehicle color, and vehicle mark. (The recognition rate is applied to Chinese mainland license plate, and the foreign license plates recognition rate would have small vary according to the specific license plate structures.)