Network Security Management Platform

Network Security Management Platform

This system is mainly used for abnormal network online behavior supervision.     Based on the accessed massive data, the system makes further effective information analysis and combined with the warning rules to realize targeted warnings, such as sensitive information, malicious sharing, or anti-social comments, etc.

The system greatly reduces the pressure of manual verification and enhances the monitoring effectiveness in virtual world of the network.  It can timely and effectively discover the abnormal behaviors that trigger the alarms, monitoring for public sentiment to prevent social instability. 

Warning --- Bidirectional detection of network content and behavior. Real-time warning and positioning for suspicious targets. Effectively control for the spread of harmful information, and timely supervision and deployment for dangerous personnel. 

 Internal Behavior Security --- The system not only can prevent external intrusions, but also monitor violations and sabotage behavior from internal personnel, which is an important means to judge whether a system is safe or not. 

24 Hours monitoring

Defense for network intrusion

Effective public opinion supervision

 Reduced manual verification