UAV Detection and Control

UAV Detection and Control

Due to the strengths of UAV in search, investigation, surveillance, communication relay, and operations, UAVs are increasingly used in military field, however, it also poses a great threat and safety hidden dangers to some key areas and secrecy areas. The anti-UAV system can accord the specific requirement to use radar or laser detection technology to quickly discover and dispose of all types of illegal UAVs.

Interference Disposal

◆  Multi-target detection, radar scan display, more intuitive

◆  Effectively resist for “low, slow and small” target

◆  Forced Landing and destruction etc. multiple abilities of dispose means.

Narrow the scope for capture the illegal manipulators --- The system can not only effectively confront the UAVs, but also can locate the UAV takeoff position, and clear for the direction and region, so that the operator direction can be effectively identity.

Preventing confidential leakage --- An aerial map drawn by a UAV on a secrecy area will bring huge losses to the country or the government. The system can effectively counter all types of micro-UAV and prevent confidential leakage.

Maximum detection range can reach to 8km

Coverage height range can reach to 3km

L Band Radar/ Ku Band Radar/ Radio Detection

Fixed interference equipment/ Portable interference equipment