Police Big Data Analysis Platform


The platform uses existing social data sources and include mobile terminals data to conduct mining, analysis, sorting and extraction. Meanwhile, it combined with many modern information technologies such as speech recognition, GIS and remote sensing technology, etc. to structure a comprehensive detection, management and control platform, which integrating target detection, warning analysis, clue verification and command and control capabilities.


Take “Target detection” and “Policing administration” as the principal parts, take intelligent information processing as an entry point, and fully use of big data mining and massive data processing technology to build a comprehensive detection and control platform.


Stealthy --- Acquire information without the target being aware of it.Comprehensive --- the data source can contain all social resources, realize data sharing Order in freedom --- Maintain the network safety standard, and effectively defense network intrusion. Well Documented --- Collect crime evidence and improve detection rateWarning --- Intelligent early warning of abnormal situations helps prevent social unrest Fast and Efficient --- Emergency response capability for variety situational requirement.


National security, police, technology detection department and armed forces, etc.

Sub-system Application