Image & Safety


Through the integration and exchange of image data collected by the front-end, the system performs classified, storage and analysis for image details to recognize, match and comparison. It can transfer the image data into digital form to realize visualization management. It devoted to use image processing to create a safe city


Highlight the IOT core technology and combined with picture processing technology to create safe city system, besides, applying data mining, big data analysis and process technology to build danger defense and alarm system. Strong storage capability and friendly interface can be more convenience and with efficiency.


God’s Eyes --- Omni-directional monitoring for city safety                   Convenience --- Platform Integration management to reduce police strength     Anticipation --- Risk early warning through image analysis                  Deterrence --- Effectively Reduce Crime Rate                                    Evidence --- Service to hoisting Detection Rate  Authority --- Establish government deterrent force

Application Fields

Some important regions of national security, and border personnel monitoring, etc.

Sub-system Application